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Read This Report: Connecting Across Generations in the Workplace

Penelope Trunk, of Brazen Careerist, links to an amazing report done by Deloitte. This is a short, but imperative, read for anyone who has a job. Or knows anyone who has a job. Or interacts with another human on any sort of level.

At CoolPeopleCare, we're all about connecting people who want to change the world with organizations already doing so. We especially help nonprofits recruit and retain young(er) volunteers and donors. Some of the recommendations in this report apply to volunteer situations with Gen Y'ers just as well as they do workplace ones.

Here are 5 recommendations from the report that will help any organization looking to entice volunteers from the younger set:

  • Provide engaging experiences that develop transferable skills. By making them more employable, we actually increase the odds that they will stay.
  • Provide a rationale for the work you've asked them to do and the value it adds.
  • Provide variety.
  • Grow teams and networks with great care: develop the tools and processes to support faster response and more innovative solutions.
  • Provide a work environment that rewards extra effort and excellence.

Now, go and read the whole thing.