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Retrospectively Prophetic

In the chapter on technological advances in Good to Great, Jim Collins writes:

Consider the United States debacle in ___________. The US had the most technologically advanced fighting force the world has ever known. Super jet fighters. Helicopter gunships. Advanced weapons. Computers. Sophisticated communications. Miles of high-tech border sensors. Indeed, the reliance on technological created a false sense of invulnerability. The Americans lacked not technology, but a simple and coherent concept for the war, on which to attach that technology. It lurched back and forth across a variety of ineffective strategies, never getting the upper hand.

Meanwhile, the technologically inferior ____________ forces adhered to a simple, coherent concept: a guerilla war of attrition, aimed at methodically wearing down public support for the war at home. What little technology the ____________ did employ linked directly to that simple concept. And in the end, as you know, the United States - despite all its technological sophistication - did not succeed in ____________. If you ever find yourself thinking that technology alone holds the key to success, then think again of ____________.

Collins fills in these blanks with the word Vietnam. I think another country could also work.

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