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Leadership Lesson #3: Does Size Matter?

Added on by Sam Davidson.

It doesn't matter the amount of men in our fraternity; what matters is the amount of fraternity in our men.

Change out some words in that statement (sorority or community instead of fraternity; women or people instead of men) and the point is the same: Leaders create depth in their organizations.

If you want a vibrant organization or community, you need to make sure the core values are present in each member. If the focus is on merely adding to your ranks, the organization won't stand for much. You'll just become a crowd and crowds never do anything worthwhile.

Instead, when you recruit, meet, or need to grow, dive deeper and showcase why you do what you do, why your organization exists to begin with, and why people should join alongside you. You'll find better people who want to become a part of your work and mission while weeding out those who just want to add to the noise of the crowd.

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