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Smiles Not Allowed

I live equidistant from Metro Center and the Capitol. When I jog on a weekday morning, if it's close to the time that work is getting started in either one of these places, I see lots of people who are beginning their work days.

Today, I drove Lynnette to work, so we passed lots of folks walking to work employed by the government.

In either occurrence, I rarely - no, I NEVER see anyone who looks like they're happy to be going to work.

Granted, today is Monday. And, granted, unless you work for yourself or fart money, work may not be the most exciting thing in the world, or the happiest of realities.

But, when people LITERALLY drag themselves into their offices and look like they'd rather be walking to the electric chair than a desk chair, something is wrong with your corporate culture.

Maybe my observations are pronounced because I'm polishing off the chapter of New Day Revolution about work. But, if I were the top dog somewhere and looked out of my Metro Center or James Robertson window and saw the spectacle of frowns that adorn the sidewalks at 8 AM, certainly I would get the clue that SOMETHING needed changing.

Some jobs are terrible. Some people will always hate working. But, there are a lot of people who not only don't mind working, but actually look forward to it.

You can't whitewash selling widgets or cheerlead glamor into a job that is garbage, but you can create a working environment where people feel like what they do is important, and where every person in the organization is bought in to the overall goals.

Otherwise, people WILL hate you.