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Things to Check Out - 6.18.07

Here's what I dug up this morning:

  • Again, someone is championing social entrepreneurship. While I disagree that current charity philosophy is ineffective, I definitely support innovation in giving.
  • Penelope Trunk offers up some of the best career advice I've ever heard of. And today's is a winner: How to Negotiate When You Have Nothing to Leverage.
  • Even with the misspelling, this article (what you can read of it for free) is interesting. I used to live in Smyrna, and got out before it got a Starbucks. I'm happy in the busting hub that is Nashville, but it's good to know that Smyrna ain't bad.
  • This Washington Post piece is sad. The Pentagon only pays out $2,500 to Iraqi families that lose loved ones. And sometimes, they don't even pay that much. But here's the most harrowing quote:
    "the full market value may be paid for a Toyota run over by a tank in the course of a non-combat related accident, but only $2,500 may be paid for the death of a child shot in the crossfire."

    What kind of statement is it when we value Toyotas more than children?