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So Young, So Hungry

To complete this past weekend's assignment, I looked at a picture of around the time I was one. It was fitting, given that my daughter turned one last week. There I was, on my mom's lap, visibly upset, next to my uncle and grandmother. There's no telling what was trying my patience. I might have been starving. Or cold. Or perhaps I just bumped my chin on my grandfather's brick fireplace (it's a miracle none of the 8 grandchildren went to the hospital as much as we played in that room).

I didn't have many dreams then, except for wanting to eat when hungry and have my parents do whatever I said. I had no clue about who I wanted to become as long as it meant I could be taller and reach stuff more easily.

These reminders come in handy as I now have a child the same age as I was in the picture. Thank God my parents had patience, love, and acceptance - the same qualities they exhibit as grandparents. Looking back allows me to see how great I had it, and makes me want to provide for my daughter in much the same way.

How great it is to look back - it can often show us who we ought to become.

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