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Weekend Assignment: Find an Old Picture

Spend time this weekend rummaging through boxes and thumbing through albums. Find a picture of you when you were younger. (Technically, as Mitch Hedberg told us, every picture of you is of when you were younger.) Look at it. Look at yourself.

Who did you want to become when that picture was taken? What was the biggest priority in your life then?

How have things changed?

Understanding where we came from can help us know where we're going. And understanding who we were can let us in on who we're becoming. Life moves quickly; if we don't stop to remember the kinds of people we were, we may very well end up too far down the road to reclaim who it was we were trying so hard to be.

You may find yourself thankful you never became who you wanted to be at the time the picture was taken. But you'll never know that gratitude unless you stop and look this weekend.

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About Weekend Assignments

Here’s the deal: Each Friday, I’ll offer up a different weekend assignment. It won’t be something you blog about or something you change your Facebook status to (you can do either after the fact, of course). It’s something you go and do. It’s homework. It’s designed to stretch you and to offer you something you won’t get from trolling the Internet or watching sports on TV.

Do it if you want to. I promise to make the assignments interesting in order for you to discover something about yourself. Leave a comment about your experience if you’d like. Just try it and see how it feels. I’ll report back on Monday on what I did to hold up my end of the bargain.

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