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Stopping Points

I've been reading and hearing quite a few interviews this month about the upcoming conclusion of (what I think is) a great TV show, Breaking Bad. And while all of this intention further cements the critical acclaim of the show, it is just a TV show, after all.

But TV shows, books, movies, songs, and even school years teach us the value of end points.

Entrepreneurs and leaders who immerse themselves in an idea can often forget to stop. Days bleed together as what we were working on last night merges into an early morning. And then we press "repeat," lose track of time, and don't feel like we've accomplished anything because there's been no time to look back. 

We need to stop. 

Every once in a while, even when we're busy and our task list grows, we must stop. We need to evaluate, celebrate, and plan. Respites and pauses let us do this.  

Whether it's at the end of the day or the end of an activity, shut it down, even if only for a minute or two. Say to yourself "It is finished" and breathe through the stillness before you begin again. 

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