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Finding vs. Making

"If I find time this weekend, I'll get to it," we tell ourselves. If we "find" time, we'll do the yardwork, read that magazine, or call our friend. 

Of course, we hope to find time because we are in the midst of deliberately making time for other things. Finding time is a wishful ambition; making time is a determined commitment.

But look around at what you're making time for: TV reruns, terrible movies, relationships that hurt you, more reruns, negative self-talk, isolation.

It's no wonder that at the end of each week, you may have little progress to show towards those things that really matter to you, the things that make your heart sing. If your work ethic in that regard is tied to luck - the "finding" of time - then may I indeed say "Good luck!" You'll need it if you hope to gain much.

Instead, use this weekend to stop your habit of hoping to discover time in between your couch cushions. Take charge and make time for your passions and dreams this weekend and dispense with your halfhearted attempts at discovery.

In the end, what you'll "find" after making time is a whole lot of satisfaction and success.