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Weekend Assignment: Take a Different Angle

The video above shows what you'd see if you rode an arrow and looked backwards instead of forwards. Cameras have been put on the front of a lot of things: a plane, a car, a boat. But fewer people wonder what the view is from the rear. You see a totally differently world back there; like where you've been.

Your assignment for this weekend is to spend time examining something from a different angle. Take a look at your faith as if you didn't grow up in your denomination. Explore the other side of a political view you hold. Think about what the dog is thinking when you tell him to sit.

Another perspective could be the most valuable thing we ever get.

About Weekend Assignments

Here’s the deal: Each Friday, I’ll offer up a different weekend assignment. It won’t be something you blog about or something you change your Facebook status to (you can do either after the fact, of course). It’s something you go and do. It’s homework. It’s designed to stretch you and to offer you something you won’t get from trolling the Internet or watching sports on TV.

Do it if you want to. I promise to make the assignments interesting in order for you to discover something about yourself. Leave a comment about your experience if you’d like. Just try it and see how it feels. I’ll report back on Monday on what I did to hold up my end of the bargain.

Previous Assignments:

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