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Weekly Recap - 10/14-10/20

We've all been on a team or served on a committee and felt the negative effects of the time it takes to generate the momentum needed to act. Multiple voices and perspectives are beautiful and valuable, but they can be hell on attempts to act quickly.

This is why I believe in the good. This is why I believe in beauty. Even though this world sucks a lot, and bad things happen, and people take advantage of others, I still believe in the power of singular and dedicated individuals and groups to turn the tide and become beacons of hope.

I just spent most of the morning thinking and writing about how a certain reading of the Merneptah Stele (using synonymous parallelism) advocates for a 15th exodus of the Israelites. Of course, your hypothesis can be strengthened by how you read the Armana Letters.

We like to think that everything is all about sex. Maybe it is, but it's only because sex sells. Churches are about money, education is about money, and politics is about money. So while the effectiveness of political money make not be measured in terms of effectiveness (the bang for your buck), the influence is no less real.

There’s a reason Wild Oats is in Green Hills and why people near the poverty line don’t shop for organic food, even though the health and environmental benefits are myriad. Have I mentioned the relationship between money and nearly everything else in America?

I enjoy the diversity of voices presented, and the topics are important and thought provoking. In fact, I've gotten one or two inspirational ideas from their site.

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