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Weekly Recap - 9/23-9/29

In case you missed last week and want to catch up quickly:

Below is a sampling of what I'll be doing most of today and tomorrow as I get ready for my first test on Monday.

Take 5 minutes and educate yourself today about Darfur.

My wife is very smart. And she writes well.

Instead of ensuring that people continue to go through the motions in order to feel good about their life that needs to change, we need people and organizations that challenge the way things are so that we see a disconnect between the way we live and the way we believe.

This time, I enlighten folks on what led me to start CoolPeopleCare.

Each Friday, I will profile a different religious female blogger. I would like you, my readers, to check out her site, add it to your links, favorites and bookmarks, and tell one person to do the same thing. If we are to tear down the discriminatory walls that have been built over the millennia, it will take a lot of us wielding a lot of hammers.

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