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Weekly Recap - 9/9-9/15

We all hate pollution, high gas prices, and all that other car crap. But, like presidential elections, we really don’t have a whole lot of choices.

Should we bereave the lost lives? Daily. Should we hate? Never.

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Things are about to get really bad in Darfur, and unless people get together to raise awareness, thousands will die.

This is the question I'm pondering this week for my Hebrew Bible class.

The church needs not to seek to give to the wants of the insider, but to meet the needs of the outsider. Yes, the church should welcome all who have a desire to enter, but it does not need to do so at the expense of missing the needs of the world.

Now that its potential for eyeballs looking at ads has greatly increased, I can see Mark walking off into the sunset around Christmas time with maybe double that.

We value time, and know you do to. We should all strive to be efficient in the work that pays us as well as the behavior and habits that define us.

In backing policies that only ultimately lead to its own protection, the church is seen as hypocritical at best and meaningless at worst.

Therefore, when arguments and jealousy seek to impede the promises of God, free Israelite males are presented as blameless and the culpability can be placed almost exclusively on female slaves.

So, philanthropy is popular. But, is it easy?

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