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Weekly Recap - 9/16-9/22

Here's what happened this past week in the life of my blog:

I'm heading to the movie at the Belcourt a little later as Nashville does its part to take place in the Global Day for Darfur.

I felt motivated to act like never before, but I also felt completely paralyzed by my own ignorance of how to act.

I don't judge all spinach based on the misguided actions of a few who wanted to hurt people.

Last week, I met with the nice folks who run this site and they asked me to pen a few pieces.

With all things being equal (cost of electricity, degree days, etc.), this is a savings of about $20 over last year. And, by using 173 fewer kilowatt hours, I kept about 167 pounds of coal in the ground this month.

I have absolutely no urge whatsoever to read another one of his books.

This measure needs to be defeated and the bill not passed (despite its need) to state clearly that if any elected official tries to stick crap on important bills that look like they’re going to pass, well, it ain’t gonna fly!

For me, at greater stake is the delicate line between church and state.

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