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What Do People Like You Do?

This month (yes, it's already August), spend time determining what it is the tribe you lead does and for whom. 

If you're headed back to school, make a decision about who your club, fraternity, major, or department wants to reach and why. 

If you're in the thick of a product launch, pinpoint your target market and start deciding how you'll find them and how you'll talk to them about what you're making. 

If you're beginning a new company, be certain about who you want to work with and why they'd be a good addition to the team.

If you're organizing moms in your neighborhood, kids for a soccer team, volunteers for a 5k, or clients for a sales pitch, be sure you're talking directly to them.  

No one likes to be given generic statements. We really want to hear about us. So tell us - why should we be a part of what you're doing?