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With Pen in Hand

It excites me to announce that today, September 8, 2006, marks the first day in CoolPeopleCare history in which I haven't written the latest anything (except this blog post).

Stephen Moseley has penned an insightful '5 Minutes of Caring,' and Joanna Bate spent a day without a car and lets us hear about it in today's 'More Time on Your Hands.'

Stephen is a better writer than he realizes, and is able to think big. He adds his own brand of wit that keeps you hanging on for all 99 words. Look for him to do this more often in the future.

Joanna is a friend from high school. We were able to reconnect through the tangled world wide web earlier this year, and I've been admiring her from a distance. She is committed to social change, as is evident in her piece about making a lifestyle change in her fossil fuel consumption.

Make sure you read every word by these two stand ins. Happy weekend.

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