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Stepping It Up Profile #3: The Urban Abbess


Each Friday, I will profile a different religious female blogger. I would like you, my readers, to check out her site, add it to your links, favorites and bookmarks, and tell one person to do the same thing. If we are to tear down the discriminatory walls that have been built over the millennia, it will take a lot of us wielding a lot of hammers.

I love to see good people doing good work. Rachelle Mee-Chapman is the urban abbess at Monkfish Abbey, "a soul-care community located on the edge of the Wallingford and Fremont districts in Seattle, Washington."


Her blog is worth checking out, and is full of practical tips on integrating the spiritual with the everyday, particularly if you have children.

Also worth your time is Monkfish Abbey. The community practices Neo-Monasticism and Table Top Spirituality. Both rituals are interesting and worth the few minutes it takes you to read about them.

And I'll willing to bet they'll be worth the lifetimes it will take you to master them.

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