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Stepping It Up Profile #6: Maggie Dawn


Each Friday, I will profile a different religious female blogger. I would like you, my readers, to check out her site, add it to your links, favorites and bookmarks, and tell one person to do the same thing. If we are to tear down the discriminatory walls that have been built over the millennia, it will take a lot of us wielding a lot of hammers.

I don't know much about Maggie Dawn, but I know enough that I think you should read her blog. Again, I believe in reading blogs and books that make us think, that make us smarter and that make us think about stuff in new ways. Maggie's blog does this.


From her blog:

After a first career as a musician and songwriter, Maggi Dawn became a priest in the Anglican Church. She read theology at the University of Cambridge (England). Her PhD was on the form-content relationship in the written theology of S T Coleridge.


She was the Team Curate in Ely, Cambridgeshire, then Chaplain of King's College Cambridge, before moving to Robinson College Cambridge where she is now Chaplain and Fellow. Her current research interest continues the theme of the form-content relationship as it applies in liturgy and worship.

If you want to expand your mind, then keep tabs on what Maggie's writing. Browse through the October archives and you'll see what I mean.


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