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The Galley Is In: 106 Days to Go

We're 106 days out from the release of New Day Revolution: How to Save the World in 24 Hours. Where are we in the process?

Less than an hour ago, I got the galley back from my publisher. A galley is a proofread, but not final, copy of the book. Everything is laid out like it will be in the final version. The images are in. The text is nearly done. The quotes are quoted and the facts are factual.

We'll be looking this over during the next week, making some minor changes, and then we'll send it off to the printer.

At this stage, I find myself getting a bit nervous. I want to make sure I catch the mistakes and get it as polished as I can so it's a great final product for all of the fine people who paid their hard earned money for a crisp copy of it.

We're now sending it around for review and looking for some great quotes to go on the back and inside the front to serve as a tipping point to convince someone on the fence that yes, they do want to purchase it.

As always, you can preorder the book from Amazon, or you can visit BookSense and see if a local independent bookseller near you will be carrying it.