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The Squidoo Difference

Are you Squidoo-ing?

If you're not familiar with the concept, here's a quick rundown. Your write about and link to stuff that interests you. This is called your 'lens' and is so named because it's how you see the world, and what you see when you look out there in all of the craziness.

Once you set up your lens about, say, baseball, John Larroquette, or the best practices for growing tulips, others can use your lens as a resource on the topic. The idea isn't that all of the info is contained on one page, but that your lens shows people where they can go for all of the info.

The best part is that ads run on your page, and you get to share the revenue from them. And, it's easy to earmark a part of your earnings for charity, which was one of the main reasons Seth Godin set it up.

Of course, we've set one up, dealing with changing the world.

Check us out.