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Things to Check Out - 10.22.07

And it's Monday:

Imagine a hundred people sitting in a circle around a multi-colored sphere. The colors appear to run longitudinally on the sphere. Each person around the circle has a singular perspective of the sphere and can only see, at best, fifty-percent of the totality. No individual can see 360-degrees. To understand the half of the sphere a person cannot see, there must be a willingness to listen to the person who can see the other half, or to get up and walk around the sphere to experience all of it. Imagine that the sphere represents God. No individual, no individual faith, no individual religion, can perceive the totality of God. It is impossible. There has to be a willingness to listen to and understand the perspectives of other faiths. This takes time and is not likely to happen within the walls of one church. My journey to find a connection with the Divine has led me away from the singular authoritarian perspective of the church of my childhood and has led me down the path of diversity and inclusivity.

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