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Friday Quick Hits - 10.2.09

Here's what I did and found this week:

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  • I'll be speaking at Vanderbilt in November as part of their Collegiate Leadership Vanderbilt's speaker series. I'll be discussing the idea of leadership as it related to community change with 60 students. This is part of The Office of Leadership Development and Intercultural Affairs.
  • I also finalized a workshop I'll be leading for the Mid-South American Humanics Collaborative in Memphis in November. We'll be chatting about different generations in the nonprofit workplace, as well as how nonprofits can best reach the emerging leaders out there.
  • My guest post, "Dream Big Dreams, Take Small Steps," is up at Richard Dedor's site.
  • I've signed up on Yelp and plan to become very active. As much as I love visiting local joints both in Nashville and everywhere else, I figured I had something to say.
  • Tomorrow, I'll be at Ikea.
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