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Friday Quick Hits - 9.25.09

It's often tough to blog on Fridays. That's my day to post at Corporate Idealist. It's also the day where I get the least amount of emails. Thus, I try to schedule my office time for that day so I can get the most work done. Let that be a lesson: when you're not getting interrupted, you can get stuff done. So, figure out when your interruptions occur the least during the week, and block off that time to have some constant work time.

Nonetheless, at the request of (at least) one, I hope to bring back a format that left this blog long ago: that of the quick links, tips, and ideas I uncover each week on the Web and elsewhere. So, here goes.

Blog recap

From the Web

Personal Stuff

  • I'm currently working on marketing strategies and site designs for STARS and Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee. I'll unveil these here in a few weeks when they're done.
  • The Digital Media Institute for Nonprofits Starts on Monday in Nashville. The complete schedule is here.
  • I got to pick the middle name for my daughter (headed our way in January). I picked a letter. Not an initial - a letter.
  • If you're looking for someone to do some home improvement type work (painting, plumbing, woodwork), check Craig's List. Since there isn't a lot of construction projects, you can get great work at a low price.